Labor & Employment Law

Our firm defends and prosecutes employment law claims. Frieden & Forbes has represented an array of corporations in employment suits involving race and gender discrimination, sexual harassment, trade secrets and non-compete claims, wage claims, wrongful discharge, FMLA, executive terminations, and whistle-blower claims. Additionally, the firm’s attorneys have extensive experience successfully prosecuting similar claims on behalf of individuals. Since employment issues can be very personal the firm is frequently called upon to negotiate employment agreements for both large employment companies and individual executives.

The firm has represented and continues to represent numerous labor organizations including International Association of Firefighters Local 83 since the mid 1970’s, Kansas State Council of Firefighters, and the Fraternal Order of Police since the mid 1980’s.

  • Employment Disputes
  • Executive Employment Agreements
  • Corporate Agreements
  • Human Resources
  • Employment Negotiations
  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • Union Negotiations Involving Wages and Conditions of Employment
  • Labor and Employment Litigation

The workplace is one place that can become a vault of different stories that involve both the employers and employees. An employer thinks of profit, while an employee considers his wages. But though they may seem to have different views, cooperation is still the main thing that can bring any organization to success. An effective and efficient employment must have a harmonious employee-employer relationship.

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