Administrative &
Government Law

Frieden and Forbes represents clients at the administrative levels of local, state and federal government. Our attorneys appear before numerous municipal, county and state boards, commissions and agencies. Frieden & Forbes has the experience and cooperative working relationships to navigate the regulatory maze and have the knowledge to assist clients efficiently and effectively in the administrative process. Frieden & Forbes represents clients across a broad area of administrative and regulatory agencies including, health, public service, public utilities, energy, business and professional licensing, insurance, commerce and transportation. Our attorneys also represent a number of state boards.

Frieden & Forbes has appeared before the following administrative agencies on behalf of their clients:

  • Kansas Department of Insurance

  • Kansas Corporation Commission

  • Kansas Board of Tax Appeals

  • Kansas Department of Commerce

  • Kansas Department of Revenue

  • Kansas Department of Transportation.

  • Kansas Department of Health and Environment,

  • Kansas Department of Labor

  • Federal and State Administrative and Regulatory

  • City and County Administrative and Regulatory

  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

  • United States Department of Labor

  • Kansas Lottery Commission

  • Kansas Regulatory Gaming Commission

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