Frieden & Forbes, LLP

Frieden & Forbes has positioned itself as one of the top boutique law firms in the state of Kansas with an elite collection of outstanding lawyers. Firm members work and think as a team. Formed 40 years ago the objective was and continues to be to remain small. The firm provides innovative solutions to difficult problems whether the issue is before a state or federal court, a state or federal agency, board or commission, the Kansas legislature, or an administrative body.

Frieden & Forbes represents a diverse range of clients including Fortune 500 companies, various counties and cities in Kansas, insurance companies, manufacturing companies, a collection of state boards, associations, public utilities, labor unions, gaming companies, general contractors and subcontractors along with businesses and individuals who need help. The firm has the unique distinction of having appealed a matter to the United States Supreme Court which reversed a unanimous Supreme Court of Kansas decision and led to the largest monetary settlement by the Kansas Legislature in the history of Kansas.

Meet Our Attorneys

Our award winning law firm consists of the best attorneys and support
staff in Topeka. Learn more about our knowledge, experience and excellence at Frieden & Forbes.

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